How We’re Different


Your Partner, Not Just Your Lawyer

I am passionate about providing excellent service. My goal is to be an integral partner to your business. To provide you with advice and solutions that are not only legally sound, but that are tailored to your business model and goals. To be accessible when, where, and how it is most convenient to you. To be priced so you do not hesitate to reach out when you want to collaborate. To be a trusted ally to do what I do best, so you can focus on what you do best.

Provide service above your expectations

It is an honor and a privilege to have a client entrust me with their legal needs. I do not take this lightly. I strive to continue to earn your business with every interaction; to exceed your expectations every time. Yes, this is a tall order. But I am committed to fill it.

Understand your business, and tailor solutions to your needs

Even within the same industry, no two businesses are alike. Each has its own identity, its culture, its business model, its needs, and its goals. I am committed to learning and understanding your specific business, to assist you in reaching legally sound solutions that best meet your goals.

Accessible and responsive

In employment law, issues come up quickly. You need an answer now. I understand the urgency. I am committed to getting you what you need, when you need it.

Work to your preferences

You are busy. You prefer one manner of communication over another. I get it. You prefer e-mail – perfect. You prefer phone calls – excellent. You prefer to meet at your offices – happy to. I am here for you, in the manner you prefer.


Flexible Price Structures

I understand that being a trusted business partner requires more than providing quality service in a timely manner. It requires providing those services at a fair price, based on a fee arrangement that works for you. I am committed to doing so. So lets discuss your preferences. Below are some options to start the discussion. Have a different preference? Excellent – lets talk about it.

Option 1 - Monthly flat fee for unlimited access

That’s right. A flat monthly fee for unlimited access to address your employment law needs. Intriguing? Lets discuss. I am confident you will be pleasantly surprised by the fee we come up with.

We will collaborate to analyze your anticipated needs and budget, and arrive at a fee that makes sense. We will regularly review the arrangement and make adjustments, as needed, to ensure you are receiving the best value.

With this model, we break down barriers sometimes created by the billable hour. We ensure you do not hesitate to reach out when needed. We have a seamless partnership, where I am essentially your “in-house” employment law attorney, but at a small fraction of the cost.

Option 2 - Flat fees for projects

Many times you need help with specific projects – such as drafting or revising an employee handbook, drafting a tip pool policy, creating a harassment training module for management, or any number of other items. I am happy to quote a flat fee for projects of this nature.

Option 3 - Hourly billing

If the monthly fee doesn’t suit your needs, and the work is not appropriate for a flat fee, sometimes billing time at an hourly rate makes sense. When this is your preferred arrangement, we will estimate the amount of time needed at the outset, to ensure the work will be consistent with your budget. Everyone deserves to know the cost of something before they buy it, and I will provide you with this transparency, even when billing by the hour.

Option 4 – Open to suggestions

The above options are just a starting point. If you have other suggestions, I am more than happy to discuss them.